Top 7 Careers Opportunities for Success in 2023: Best Career Tips

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Top 7 Careers Opportunities For Success in 2023 -:

I am 20 years old and if I were to choose a career for myself, then what would it be? We’ll get to know in this post.

Top 7 Careers Opportunities For Success | Job Tips 2022 | Career Tips

Friends, I am 20 years old. I am slightly fed up with my colleagues. My parents insisted I should become an engineer, or a doctor, or a CA, or something else, but obviously, I am not enjoying it, and I want to consider a new career. When I asked this question to myself, I found it a very interesting question. Because it’s almost like you can go anywhere, the world is open to you. The college degree might come to use or not, and if you have 1-2 years to figure out which career you can pursue, then what would I try to do?

And I created a long list. The list has things that I’m good at, things that excite me, and things that I believe are going to happen in the next decade which will set me up, and I want to share 7 careers with you that I think I would have chosen for myself if I got the chance. This is not a recommendation and this definitely not meant to make you feel bad if you do not choose one of these 7 careers.

This is just my way of presenting something to you, which you can consider if you have the same flexibility as I have imagined for myself then, you can also consider these for yourself. Here’s how I went through the process which may be useful for you.

First of all, I asked myself this question, what are the things that I am good at? So, I made a list of all the things that I am good at. So, there are some things that I am good at. I am good with numbers. I am good with Excel sheets. I am good with looking at numbers and finding patterns, so this is one. I am good at computers and Technology in general, so, I am not afraid of computers and Technology. I can actually spend a lot of time making things happen.

I am also good at connecting with people, I am also good at working with great teams, I am also good at working in very complex and challenging situations, where many people might give up, but I like to keep going because I enjoy facing challenging situations & solve them, and so on and so forth. So, that’s what I did and you do the same for yourself, and we will work together in this post and figure out what are the things.

So, make a list of all the things that you are good at, and then you ask yourself a very important question which is, ‘Yes, I am good at this, but do these things also make them happy? Do I think they make me happy ?’ And this question is very important because this is exactly what happened to me. I was good at science, but I realized, I was not happy doing it anymore and I dropped this and I started my new life all over again because I realized if I am good at doing something that doesn’t necessarily mean it gives me happiness too.

So, I asked myself the second question, Am I happy doing it? And then there will be an intersection. After that intersection, I asked the third question, Do I think that the world will need more of these things in the future or less of these things in the future? The intersection I reached after listing down the things I am good at and the things that make me happy, will those be needed more in the future as we move along or lesser? and that gave me another sense of direction. I came up with the 7 careers for myself after combining these three things.

The careers which I think are bang in the center of the things that I am good at, things that make me happy, and things that I feel the world will need more and more of in the next decade. And frankly, I planned for only 10 years, I did not plan for life, because one thing is very clear, our careers will keep changing more rapidly than what was for our parents because the world is changing so rapidly that whatever you start with, you cannot finish on that as well.

Whatever profession you are in right now, is bound to change in the next 5 to 10 years, because the world changing so, rapidly, you will have to upgrade, and you will have to reconsider a new choice, so, I plan for 10 years.

So, here are the 7 professions, and if you want to pursue these professions, then what are the courses that you could take, that I have also chosen for myself if I want to get deep into these professions, and start thinking of them actively and seriously -:

1). Data Scientist -:

I love numbers, I love the word ” scientist “, but more importantly, I genuinely believe that in a way, data is going to rule the world and someone who has the ability to navigate through data, a person who can understand the patterns of data, the concepts of data and apply that to form decision and to form a judgment, is absolutely critical. So, data science is something that I started myself with. Then, I started searching, and here are a few things that caught my attention. Machine Learning: Hands-on Python and R. I have heard about Python and R often from my team members, and from people that I hired nearby as well.

Machine learning is so fascinating because you are teaching something not through your capability, but through the machine’s capability which is so incredibly scalable, so that is one course that I would pick up.

2). Digital Marketing -:

I am almost doing digital marketing anyway, I know a lot of things about digital marketing but I don’t do it as a career or as a profession, I do it because I know a little bit from the experience of running my own startups. But if I had to get serious about it, and if I had to become a student of digital marketing, then the courses about pickup will be Number 1, The Complete Digital Marketing Course: 12 courses in 1.

I have actually done this course, it’s a terrific course because it teaches you literally everything that you need to know as a foundation and fundamental for digital marketing.

3). Product Manager -:

I think I am already playing the role of a product manager. In the role of a product, you are made the manager of a technology product. So, imagine that there is a head of product in the app of Zomato or Swiggy, and that person’s job is to take care of the working of the app. There are product managers under him.

So, they would be one product manager whose responsibility would be only to figure out ‘search’. If I am searching for ‘biryani’, then what are the listings that I get? What is the order of those listings that I get? So, on and so forth.

There is another product manager whose only job is ‘check-out’. When I have put things in my cart, and I am ready to pay, then how can the checkout be completed in the fastest possible manner? There’s one product manager whose job is to maintain the delivery and post-sale experience, like if I want to track how far is the delivery agent, so, on and so forth. So, a product manager is responsible for small pieces of the entire puzzle, building up to the entire product which is done by the head of product.

Fascinating role and career option, especially if you’re looking at the next years. If you want to establish a foundation in this, then the courses that I would pick from are: Become a Product Manager which is a very fundamental course. Around,40,000 students have taken this course very-very highly rated on Udemy as well. The second one is Advanced Product Management: vision, strategy & metrics.

Product Management is not a very technical field but it is a metric-driven field. It’s not necessary for you to know how to code, you don’t necessarily have to know software engineering, but you need to have the ability to look at also make sense of what’s working and what’s not. And then give that feedback, back to your engineering teams so, that they can work on it and pick that up. This course teaches you that.

4). Software Engineer -:

I think that software engineers just have to imagine something to make it. It’s very much like I just had an idea, and I can now sit and in an hour, in a day, in a week, in a month, and actually have that idea converted into a product that anybody can use. I find that fascinating! So, if you want to become a software engineer then the courses for you are -:

The complete 2022 web Development, where instead of an app you are making something on the web, which is a great start. Java script, which is in some way the foundation of a lot of development that happens in the software world, so, how to become an expert in that. Mastering Data Structures & Algorithms using C and C++.

SQL is a very powerful tool and The complete SQL Bootcamp is again a great course for you to get started on a software engineering journey.

5). UX / UI Designer -:

It means customer experience or customer interface or user interface. Basically, while you are using an app or browsing a website, whatever is happening when you click on it or you enter something all that, is the backend, which is basically, the code which is making all this happen, what is the experience around it? when you click something where will it take you, which section will come up?

If you are using an app, then what will happen if you move your fingers here and there? what happens if you zoom in and zoom out with your fingers? All of that is the user interface and user experience, which is such a powerful element of our own experiences when we use technology.

So, I think that I can become a very good UX / UI developer. But if I would want to become one then the courses I would pick are: Build responsive real-world websites with HTML and CSS.
HTML and CSS are the foundation of websites. Everything gets built on that so, this will be my entry into that world. User Experience Design Essentials-Adobe XD UI UX Design. That is the core software that a lot of UXers and UI designers use to build that entire navigation that we see on our apps, so I would love to get started on that. And then, Figma UI UX Design Essentials.

Figma is a collaborative tool specifically designed for design, just as we work on a word in google docs and then anybody can edit and make changes to it, imagine the same thing but now for design. You can make your own template or a screen, and then you can collaborate with people, and they can help you or give you feedback in real time. Brilliant tool and something that I would love to get my hands on as well.

And finally, DESIGN RULES: Principles + Practices for Great UI Design, because there are many things which are almost proven, there are lots of studies that have been undertaken to find the basis, the foundation for a good UI and UX, and all of that is done in this design rules course on Udemy.

6). Crypto Developer -:

I genuinely believe in web-3. I feel that is the technology of the future, and I am not talking about crypto trading, I am not talking about buying or selling bitcoin or Ethereum, I am talking about development in the crypto world. So, there is an entire thing called the web-3 which is after the web-2, which is the interface or the internet that we know today, where everything is centralized. Facebook, Google, and Amazon are the dominant forces in the web-2 world, they account for the majority of our experiences.

Web3 is building a decentralized world that is built on the blockchain. So, creating apps, services, and protocols there is something that I would love to do. And if I would want to do that, then one absolutely incredible course that I have actually done, It was just for curiosity, but I really enjoyed myself, and it was, becoming a Blockchain Developer. Ethereum and Solidity are the two things that are needed.

Ethereum is the platform on which it gets built and solidity is the language equivalent used to make it, which then helps you become a blockchain developer, which is a great introduction to the crypto world. CPU Mining on android devices. Many people want to mine, but they don’t necessarily want to become a developer, so you could go and understand how that happens. And then Finally, Comprehensive Ethereum Blockchain Development Course. Most things are based on Ethereum.

Bitcoin is more of a store of value and a token or a currency. Ethereum is more of a protocol on basis of which a lot of things are being made, so, this course makes you go through the entire fundamentals of that. Absolutely Recommended!

7). Equity Trader -:

If I would call myself an equity trader, there is a very strong caveat. I don’t believe in trading because I don’t think I will make a good trader. Because trader needs a lot of time, there should be a major sense of urgency, most of which I have but I don’t want in my life. I would become a long-term investor. A long-term investor where I know if things are bought at the right price and then held onto, then it will over time give you great results. The Warren Buffett way of doing it.

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