Simple Cardio Exercises To Try At Home

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Cardio exercises also known as aerobic exercises get your blood pumping and involve large group of muscles.

Cardio at home -:

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Cardio exercises are good for diabetics, your mental health and immune system. A cardio workout can help burn huge amount of calories.

Benefits -:

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Do chair squats to strengthen your legs and core. Beginners can easily do this exercise, and after perfecting the pose, you can do it without the chair.

Chair Squat -:

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This simple yet effective cardio exercise is one that anyone can do at home.

Jumping Jacks -:

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Beginners can start by doing stationary lunges and slowly build their way up.

Stationery Lunges -:

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Bring out your yoga mats for this one! As one of the simple exercises to do at home for beginners.

Bicycle crunch -:

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If you want to get rid of belly fat, this one is for you! It also targets the inner thighs and your hips.

High Knee -:

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