8 Healthy Vegetarian Breakfasts You Can Take To Work

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Scrambled tofu on toast -:

Add protein to your breakfast with tofu instead of eggs. With the right spices, this will be a breakfast that can carry you over till lunch!

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Grilled vegetable breakfast tacos -:

Who said tacos are only for big meals? Add grilled veggies and sauces to your taco shells and your dabba will be ready to go.

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Peanut butter oatmeal -:

Add a healthy dose of fruits to your oatmeal for nutrition, complete with the peanut butter to give you the protein you need.

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Dahi parfaits -:

Layer nuts, oats, berries and chilled fruits in a mason jar and your super delicious breakfast dabba will be ready to go!

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Yogurt sauce on toast -:

Make a yogurt-based sauce to top your toast and add cherry tomatoes, spinach or even fruits depending on what you feel like eating.

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Idli chaat -:

Idlis are a healthy option for breakfast, but you can make your tiffin more interesting by cutting up the idlis and tossing them with chutney, peanuts, and puffed rice.

Tomato poha -:

Easy to make and full of rousing spices, this is a take on tomato rice that's improvised for the mornings.

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Banana pancakes -:

Include buckwheat in your pancakes to make them healthier. You can also add walnuts or chocolate chips depending on how healthy you're feeling!

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