Work Form Home 2022: Start this Business Sitting at Home, once you get hooked, it will come back to you again and again.

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Start this business sitting at home -:

If you are a woman living in the city and thinking of doing some business, then you can start Tiffin Service Business. It is certain that women will get success in the business of tiffin service. You do not even need to make any big investment for this business idea. You can start it from your home and if the demand increases, you can also take a shop for it. Let us know how to start Tiffin service business (How To Start Tiffin service Business) and earn profit.

When and how to start this business ?

You can start the business of tiffin service from your kitchen itself. There is no best time to start it, yes you must do some research on the target customers around you. In the beginning, you can take orders from the tenant people living in your neighborhood. Students, working men and women, retired elders etc. can be your customers.

How much cost, how much profit ?

In the name of cost, in the beginning, you will have to spend only on raw material i.e. food items, such as pulses, rice, vegetables, etc. which cost you in making any food, by adding some extra money as margin, you will keep it in your pocket. Can be taken as price from customers.

If once the customer likes the food from your hand, then next time he himself will come back to you and will also tell the people with him about you. If your demand and supply match in the food business, then you can make a profit of up to double the cost.

When your business becomes big, you can hire extra people for your tiffin business, take a separate shop and make separate big utensils and a whole big setup for cooking. On coming to this stage, you can gradually increase the price of your tiffin a little bit. If the quality and taste of your food is always excellent, then the customers will be ready to pay some extra money.

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Match demand supply like this -:

Some people are regular in tiffin service, but some people sometimes order food. In such a situation, you can create a WhatsApp group, on which you can put the next day’s menu a day in advance.

Suppose you will make potato parathas for breakfast the next day, then inform about it in advance on WhatsApp and fix a deadline for placing the order. This will not cause any problem in your demand supply. That is, you will cook food according to the number of orders you have. If you live in a high-rise society, then this business can prove to be very easy and very profitable for you.

How to create a customer ?

It is not easy to make customers in the food business. People don’t try anyone’s food just like that. In such a situation, you can make some samples of tiffin. Where students live or working men and women live, they can be approached. If he likes your food, he will definitely order food from you.

If you want to include any new dish in your business, like sweets, snacks, ice cream, cake etc., then send your new dish free of cost to your customers as a sample sometime in between. If they like it, they will definitely order that dish from you next time.

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Keep some things in mind -:

Do not cook the same type of food for all types of customers. You can make some segments in this business. People living in big society want to eat less chili spices and less oil, so that their health also remains good. On the other hand, if we talk about the students, then they will look for spicy food. In such a situation, you should divide your customers into two-three categories and cook food accordingly. You will have to decide the price of your food according to these categories, because there will be different types of food for everyone.

Keep in mind that never compromise with the quality of your food. Even if you want to keep someone with you for help, cook the food yourself, because if another person cooks the food, the taste may change. Also, the one you have hired will not worry much for the quality, whereas your entire business may be ruined due to poor quality.

Take full care of cleanliness and hygiene in your kitchen. Keep cleanliness everywhere. If possible, do live streaming of your kitchen, so that people can see for themselves what you are making. By doing this, the trust of customers on you will increase further. However, in such a situation, you will have to be very strict on hygiene, because everyone will be watching you. In such a situation, if you make even a small mistake, then you may have to face a big loss.

Focus on building a brand -:

Even if in the beginning you feel that before spending money on branding, make some customers, but later focus on branding only. Even if you have 20-30 customers, then after that you think of a name for your kitchen, get it registered, take the domain name of that name and make a website. Also create a page for your kitchen on all social media platforms.

Ask your customers to share their food feedback and reviews on social media. Also get pamphlets, business cards and stickers etc. made for your kitchen, which can be given to customers along with tiffin. With this, you will be able to do marketing of your brand well and reach more and more people.

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