Business Idea 2022: If you want to earn big then start this business, it has a lot of scope in future also

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If you want to Earn Big then Start this Business -:

In today’s era, if you want to do a big earning business, then you also have to keep in mind that what is its future. One such business idea is the business of making paper bags, through which you can beat pollution and earn. Due to this, pollution is being defeated, in such a situation, there will be no problem in future also.

At the same time, the good thing is that the demand for paper bags is increasing rapidly nowadays, because everyone wants to beat pollution. Let us know how to start the business of making paper bags (How to start Paper Bag Business) and how much you will benefit from it.

First know how much is the scope of this business ?

The government has banned many types of plastic. These include polythene, which was used as a carry bag in many shops. In such a situation, now paper and cloth carry bags are being used a lot. Cloth carry bags are expensive, so if you have to give some stuff only for one time, then they are expensive. In this situation, bags made of paper are very useful.

Paper bags are also being made, not just one or two, but many types. Some bags have a handle to hold them towards the normal bag, while some do not. At the same time, many bags are made of very good quality paper, on which special designing or branding is done. Now people have also started giving gifts to their loved ones in paper bags, which is a very good idea. Meaning if you do this business then the scope is huge in it.

You can get loan help from the government -:

If you are having trouble with money to start a business, then you can take the help of Mudra loan scheme of the Government of India. Under this, you will have to invest about 25 percent of the cost yourself, but you will get a loan of about 75 percent. Under this, you will have to apply for Mudra loan to do business, after which you will get the loan.

How much cost, how much profit ?

If you want to do paper bag business, then you have to buy its machine first. This machine will be available from Rs 3.5 lakh to Rs 8 lakh on the basis of making different types of bags. You may also have to buy a separate machine to make certain types of bags.

However, nowadays such machines are also coming, in which many sizes of bags can be made in the same machine and different types of bags can be made. Apart from this, you will need an eyelet punching machine, from which the handles of paper bags will be made. On this also you may have to spend around 1.5-2 lakh rupees. All this will be your fixed cost.

Apart from the machines, you will need some space, where these machines will be installed. You have to pay the rent for that place. At the same time, labor will also be required to work, electricity etc. to run the machines. As a raw material, you will need paper rolls up to 50-150 gsm to make different types of paper.

If you are thinking of doing the business of making paper bags with branding or design, then you will also have to arrange for printing for that. Depending on the cost you can easily sell your products in the market with some profit. On the other hand, if you make gifting or branding bags, then you can make huge profits on them.

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