How to Start LED Bulb Business at Home in 2023 | New Business Ideas

How to Start LED Bulb Business at Home | New Business Ideas | Start LED Bulb Business at Home | LED Bulb Business at Home | make money online at home | how to start a new buisness | led business ideas | Big Money Every Month

You can start a tremendous business of making LED Bulb from your home at a low cost. 1.50 to 2 lakh rupees can be earned every month very easily from this business.

How to Start LED Bulb Business at Home -:

If you are thinking about a business startup from your home. You are planning to earn good profit at a low cost. So this news can prove to be useful for you. We are going to tell you about a new business idea. This is such a business, whose demand is everywhere, whether you live in a village or a city. You can start the business of making LED bulbs at any place or from your home. This business can be started at a low cost.

Know about LED bulbs -:

The LED bulb is made of plastic, due to which it is durable and lasts for a long time. There will be no danger of it breaking. Its full name is Light Emitting Diode (LED). When electrons pass through the semiconductor material, small particles get light, which are called LEDs. It is known that the life of an LED bulb is generally 50 thousand hours or more, while that of a CFL bulb lasts for 8 thousand hours. The special thing about this is that the LED bulb can be used again after fixing it.

Some Training Required -:

Numerous institutions are offering training to create LED bulbs on behalf of the Central Government, under the Ministry of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME). You learn about the fundamentals of LED, PCB, LED driver, fitting-testing, material purchases, marketing, government subsidy programs, and many other things as part of the training for creating LED bulbs. After that, you can enroll in a self-employment program where you’ll receive training in creating LED lights. The businesses that manufacture LED bulbs also offer training. You can reach them as well.

Big Money Every Month -:

If you start a business with a small amount i.e. 50 thousand rupees, then you can understand how much you will earn every month. If we talk about earnings from this business, then it costs 50 rupees to make a bulb, and it is easily sold in the market for 100 rupees. This means you get double the profit directly on one bulb. If you also make 100 bulbs in 1 day, then you get a direct earning of Rs.5000 per bulb for Rs.50. If seen on a monthly basis, you can easily earn up to Rs 1.50 lakh.

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