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How to Earn Money Online from Blogging in 2023?

If you have created your new blog and you think that now money will start coming to you, then friends, this is not going to happen at all. Money does not come just by making a blog, you have to put effort into the blog. In this article, I will tell you how to earn money from Blogging.

Do you know that every year about 60% of bloggers stop blogging after working for 4 to 5 months after making a blog? Knowing this, you must be feeling a bit shocked, but this is true, this happens because they do not have patience, they think that by writing articles for only a few months or by writing only 40 to 50, money will start coming to their blog and this should not happen. Since then they stop writing blogs.

How to Earn Money Online from Blogging in 2023

Blogging has become a very big field in 2023, in which Blogger keeps coming and going, you must be feeling that I am telling you in a rude way, but friends, this is the truth if you do not want this to happen to you and especially New Bloggers. Those who have just started writing a blog and you want to earn money from your blog, then you have come to the right place, here I will tell you how to earn money from blogging. (How To Earn Money From Blogging 2023)

This article is going to be very interesting for you, so don’t miss a single point of it, so let’s start.

What is blogging and how to do it?

Blogging, using all your skills well, and writing a Meaningful Article is called Blogging. Blogging is such an opportunity that is very helpful for bloggers in which you can get your article ranked in the Google search engine with the help of SEO and earn money. But SEO is as complex as it looks, in which many parts of SEO like On Page, Off Page, Technical and Local SEO are used.

When blogging was started, it was used only to write a diary or to give some information about a topic or to give some opinion on it, but since then till now there has been a lot in blogging. Change has happened, now Blogging is also used for Business Websites. Continuous updates are being made in blogging, it is being made more engaging for the users, and informal language is also being added to it.

Now you know what is Blogging? & Now know how to do it?

Here are some points that will make it easier for you to understand -:

  • Select a unique name for your blog.
  • Domain Name and Hosting Purchase for Blog.
  • In Blogging, you have to manage the website.

10 easy ways to Make Money Online from Blogging -:

There are many ways to earn money online from blogging but here I will tell you the 10 easiest ways -:

1). Affiliate Marketing -:

Affiliate Marketing is a process in which you can earn money in the form of commission by marketing the products of a company or a branded product. In simple words, in Affiliate Marketing, you promote such products which have high demand in the market like Beauty Products, Fitness Products Branded Clothes, etc. You get a small amount of the profit that is made from the sale of all these.

Have you ever thought that you are sleeping and only then the money is coming into your account? It sounds like a dream but it can be Dream Possible.

Affiliate Marketing is such a field in which you can earn money in lakhs by doing a little hard work, so let’s understand how you can do Affiliate Marketing.

  • First of all, you want to do Affiliate Marketing on which Topic of a Niche Select.
  • After that create a website on which topic you will do Affiliate Marketing.
  • Purchase Domain Name and Hosting for Website.
  • Youtube channel is also a good platform for Affiliate Marketing.
  • Affiliate marketing can also be done from the E-Book page.
  • Affiliate Marketing can also be done by creating Social Media Page.

2). Guest Post -:

If there is good traffic on your blog, then you can do good earnings through guest posts. When you post for your blog, it is called Simple Post, but when you post on your blog for someone else, it is called Guest Post. There are two types of Guest Post -:

  • Free Guest Post
  • Paid Guest Post

In a Free Guest Post, you post any Blogger’s article for Free, but in Paid Guest Post, you post by taking some Amount. The post you do on your blog in Guest Post is done by your own similar blogger. In Guest Post, Blogger only gives you Post Ready and gives Backlinks of your Blog in it, which you only have to post on your Blog, in this way you can earn money from Blogging.

3). Sponsored Post -:

Friends, if there is a lot of traffic on your website, then you can earn good money through Sponsored posts. When a blogger gets his content published on your blog, then he pays you some amount for it, this is called Sponsored Post.

Sponsored Post is also called Promoted Post. In Sponsored Post, you give a review of the product of a company on your blog or give a review about the company for which the company pays you money.

You can also earn good money by combining both Sponsored Posts and Affiliate Marketing. By doing sponsored posts, your website looks very professional.

  • Let us know How to do Sponsored Posts -:

The best way to do sponsored posts is on your website, when traffic starts coming to your website, then you build an image in front of your readers who trust you when you put content from another blogger on your blog. If you do a sponsored post, then most of your visitors go to that post, so you can earn money through your blogging.

4). Sell Ebook -:

In 2023, no one has enough time to go to the Book Store and buy a book, and now the facility of Internet has also become good, so most people buy books from the online platform only, so if you also have the talent to write a good blog and If there is good traffic on your blog, then you can sell your own eBook by writing and you can earn a sizeable amount by selling eBook.

  • Let us know How to sell Ebook -:

The best platform to sell Ebook is your blog, the more meaningful you write your blog and describe it well, the more your visitors get a good experience.

If you want to earn money by selling Ebook, then you should try to know which other topics your visitors are interested in. According to their interest, you should write the Ebook, if you do this, it will benefit you that your old visitors will purchase your Ebook, as well as the new visitors will also be interested in buying your Ebook and this will increase your profits. Sell of Ebook will be good.

5). Google Adsense -:

Those bloggers who have already been blogging must know what is Adsense. But for those who have recently started writing a blog, let me tell you that Google Adsense is a product of Google itself, through which ads come on your blog.

To write a blog, your content should be Impressive and Effective so that more and more traffic comes to your blog. Google Adsense is one of the best ways to earn money from Blogging, especially for New Bloggers who have already started writing blogs for some time, they benefit a lot from Google Adsense. In this, you do not have to give much of your input.

If you want ads to come on your blog as soon as possible, then Google Adsense is a very good option, when you feel that now good traffic has started coming to your blog, then you can link your blog with Google Adsense.

After that, Google itself shows ads by analyzing the interest of your readers. The biggest advantage of Google Adsense is that you get Approval quickly.

Google itself decides which ads to show where, in this, you do not have to put much effort and in this way, you can earn a sizeable amount from your blogging.

6). Native Ads -:

Native Ads are such ads in which the products of a company or Affiliate Marketing products are promoted on your Website and your blog gets good money from this. Native Ads are shown on your website along with Normal Ads.

  • Let us know How to earn money from Native Ads -:

Like everyone else, good money can be earned from Native Ads too. In Native Ads, after analyzing the interest of your readers, they are shown advertisements of products, so when any readers click on the Native Ads of your website, then you get money according to its Per Click.

Like if your website is built on Fitness, then Fitness Products are shown on your website, or if your website is built on Beauty tips, then Native Ads of Beauty Products are shown on your website. That’s why Native Ads are made in such a way that they look very attractive to the Readers and they click on that Ads. The CTR of Native Ads is also prepared professionally.

7). Link Shortener -:

Do you know that you can earn a lot of money even by copying and pasting a link? Yes, it is absolutely correct, if you are running a website and you have a small audience that clicks on your link. So you can easily earn from 100 to $200 a month. Do you want to know how you can do this? Do you want to know which are the link shortener websites?

  • So let’s first understand, How can you do this -:

First of all, open any link shortener website and register an account on it, then shorten your destination URL through the link shortener website. So that whenever any user clicks on this link, first of all, he will go to an advertising page where he will have to wait for 10 seconds, after that he will be redirected to the destination website given by you.

NOTE -: More than 90% of the link shortener websites found on the Internet are fake, from which you do not get anything, so choose the website very carefully.

Do not worry, I will tell you about some such websites on which you can 100%

can trust. Because it is very old through which I myself have generated a very good income. So are you ready to know the names of those websites?

  • Adfly
  • Shorts. st

8). Sell Services -:

If you think that you have the talent of writing a good blog and you can impress your users with your blogging skills and they can get to learn something from you, then here I will tell you 2 such services, using which you can earn well. Is.

  • Coaching -:

In 2023, many Bloggers run their own Coaching Classes. Coaching Classes are a very good option to earn money, you do not have to go anywhere, and you can run classes from your home after Corona in 2020, online classes have become very trendy, and in this, you can do different things according to the topic of your website. Can run Classes like Education Classes or Yoga Classes. This will give you a double benefit, first, you will keep earning money from your blog and secondly, you will keep earning money from Coaching Classes as well.

  • Consulting -:

If your website is related to Stock Marketing, Digital Marketing, or any other field and you have good knowledge of that field, then you can also open a Consulting Website of your own. Do you know Consulting can earn a lot of money, just in this, when someone consults you about any of his confusion or problem, then you have to give advice to him and you get a good amount in its return?

Video Credit By

9). Sell Own Products -:

If there is good traffic on your blog, then you can earn well by selling your products on your own blog through E-commerce, like if you have a fitness blog, then you can sell your fitness products in it. You must be well aware that Amazon is the biggest website in the field of E-commerce and it has already improved its revenue some time ago.

  • Let us know How you can sell your products -:

You can do marketing of your product on your blog. By comparing your own product with someone else’s product on your blog, you can tell your readers how your product is different from their product. You can create your own eCommerce Website using Spotify or WordPress. With this, you can generate a good amount.

It is most important for you to sell your products so that good traffic comes to your blog, you should have such visitors who trust your blog and purchase whatever product you sell on your blog.

10). Premium Content -:

Premium content is also a good way to earn money from blogging, for this you need good traffic on your blog, if the style of writing your blog is unique and different from the rest of the bloggers, as well as you can show your interest to your visitors on your blog. If you provide information according to this, then it increases the chances of traffic increase on your blog, through which you can build a group of your readers to your blog.

  • Let us know How you can earn money online from Premium Content -:

First of all, you should create such a website in which your knowledge is good when your information will be more in that field. Only then you will be able to explain the content to your readers in a professional way, if your website is made on Education, Stock Marketing, Digital Marketing, or any other topic, then this will bring more traffic to your blog.

Initially, you will have to give permission to read the content for free to increase your readers, that you can keep premium content on your blog, in which your readers will have to pay money to read your content, and in this way, you can earn money from your blog. You can

Conclusion -:

Like in this article, you learned how to earn money online from Blogging. Friends, you should do blogging only when you know how to write well, you have so much self-confidence that you can put a good impression on your readers with your thoughts.

The most important thing in blogging is to continue it, it should not be that you have already started writing your blog for some time and stop it after 8 to 9 months due to lack of traffic. You should continue your blogging. It may take some time to get traffic on your blog, but if you work well on your blog, then definitely traffic will come to your blog.

When traffic starts coming to your blog, then you can earn money through Affiliate Marketing, Guest posts is both free and paid, and you can earn money through Paid Guest Post, through Sponsored posts on your blog. You can earn money by selling eBooks, you can also earn well from Google AdSense, through Native Ads, or by Link Shortener, by selling your products through your services like Coaching and Consulting, or the way of writing your content is so good. If you think that your readers will pay to read your content, then you can earn money through premium content.

FAQs -:

Q: Who are the people who earn the most money from Blogging?

Ans -: Friends, today I will tell you the names of 10 bloggers whose monthly income from blogging is in lakhs -:

Amit Agarwal
Harsh Aggarwal
Pawan Agrawal
Faisal Farooqui
Sharadha Sharma
Varun Tammada
Shrinval Tamda
Pavan Agrawal, etc.

Q: Is it right to start a blog in 2023?

Ans -: If you are thinking that it is right to start a blog in 2023, then let me tell you that it is absolutely right, but the later you do, the more difficult it will be for you because Blogging is a very big field and every year new bloggers come here. It comes, so if you are also thinking of starting a blog in 2023, then do not delay it.

Q: Which Blogging Niche has the most money?

Ans -: If your Blogging niche is good then you can earn good money from Blogging, I will tell you which is the highest earning niche for Blogging -:

Health & Fitness Website
Technical Niche
News site
Amazon Affiliate Blog
Insurance & Law Niches

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