How to earn by Cultivating Strawberries? – Best Strawberry Farming Business in 2023

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How to earn by Cultivating Strawberries?

How to earn by Cultivating Strawberries
How to earn by Cultivating Strawberries

Introduction -:

Strawberries are also delicious to eat and the strawberry flavor is given in numerous ice creams as well. Strawberry fruit is veritably soft and veritably delicious. It’s a fruit grown in cold areas, but a moment with the help of numerous specialized installations, it can be planted in any area. Strawberry husbandry has been included in profitable husbandry moments. This is tilling done with and without the help of a poly house. moment, in this composition, we will tell you how to cultivate strawberries, how important they can bring,  and how to earn profit from them. That is, we’re going to include all the information related to strawberry civilization in this composition.  So that you don’t have any kind of confusion. Let us read what’s strawberry and how to cultivate it-

Information About Strawberries -:

Before knowing about strawberry cultivation, we need to know how many varieties are there and which is the best variety. If we talk about the varieties of strawberries, then till now 600 species have been identified. But mainly the species used for farming are only a few. About whom we are telling further.

Strawberry Species -:

Here we are going to talk about the 4 main species of strawberries, you can use these species in the fields. If you are thinking of cultivating strawberries, then you can plant plants of any one of these species in your field. These species are as follows –

Camaros -:

This is a variety created in California, it is one of the very early fruiting strawberry species. Its fruits are very firm and very good in taste. Plants of this species live for a long time.

Oso Grand -:

This is also a variety made in California, its fruits are very big but these fruits do not survive for long. But if you want more fruits in less time, then you can plant this type of strawberry plant.

Oprah -:

This is a variety made in Israel, you can cultivate it before the time, that is, it is an early farming variety. Its fruits and smell are wonderful.

Chandler -:

Still, also find strawberry shops of this species, If you want veritably sweet and good fruit. These plants are disease resistant and are among the plants that bear fruit for a long time. Plants of this species are grown the most in California.

How to do Strawberry Farming -:

Strawberry cultivation is mainly done in cold areas like Himachal. But today time and technology have changed a lot, now you can cultivate it in any region of the world. Yes, to cultivate strawberries, you have to work hard and take care of many things. Otherwise, this business can become risky for you. Next, we are going to tell what we have to do to cultivate strawberries.

Get the soil test of the field done -:

It is best to get the soil test of your field done for strawberry cultivation because we should know whether the plants we are bringing for planting will grow in your field or not. For this, you have to contact the soil testers and get the soil of your farm tested. It is very important to have a temperature of 18 to 30 for the cultivation of strawberries.

PH 5.0 to PH 6.5 soil is considered good for strawberry cultivation, if the soil of your farm completes its test then you can easily do strawberry cultivation. With this, if there is sandy loam soil in the field, then the yield of strawberries in your field will double.

Cost and profit in strawberry cultivation -:

If we talk about the cost of strawberry cultivation, then in total one acre can cost you three to four lakh rupees. It also includes plant rate, irrigation, poly house, and insecticide. However, you can get a yield of over 15 lakh rupees from it, If you cultivate it in one acre.

When to plant strawberries?

If you want to cultivate strawberries, then you can plant strawberry plants in your field from 10 September to 15 October. This is the perfect time to plant strawberries.

Preparation in the field before planting strawberries -:

Before planting strawberry plants in the field, you have to prepare your field like this -:

  • The field should be plowed three times in the first week of September itself.
  • If there is a one-acre farm, then 75 tonnes of well-rotten manure should be put in it.
  • Potash and Phosphorus can be mixed according to the soil.

The beds for strawberry cultivation -:

  • Should be raised 25 – 30 cm high from the ground.
  • Their range should be 100 to 130 cm.
  • There should be a gap of 40 to 60 cm between the two beds.
  • Proper space should be made for installing a drip irrigation system.

Irrigation of Strawberry -:

still, also you may have to face trouble, If you have planted strawberry shops and you aren’t flushing them duly. That’s why you should do the right method of irrigation i.e. irrigation like this -:

  • Irrigation should be done incontinently after planting.
  • Keeping the moisture in mind, irrigation should be done from time to time.
  • When strawberry fruits start coming, irrigate with the help of a micro-sprinkler.
  • When fruits come, use the drip irrigation method.

Protect Strawberry Plants from Diseases -:

Strawberries can be affected by many diseases such as leaf flat, powdery mildew, leaf blight, and rot. Therefore, after identifying the disease correctly, spray insecticide with the advice of an agricultural scientist.

Protect Strawberry Plants from Winter -:

As we mentioned above, strawberry cultivation can be done with poly houses and also without a poly house. If the poly house is already built, then the chances of the plants getting cold are very less. But if not, then you should use the plastic low tunnel to avoid frost. This plastic should be transparent and should be 100 to 200 microns.

Strawberry Farming with the help of the government -:

As today the Government of India is encouraging farmers to take agriculture forward. If you do strawberry farming, then you can get information by visiting your state’s agriculture department. In almost all the states, the government gives 40 to 60 percent subsidy. Contact the Agriculture Department for more information.

Strawberry Fruit Picking -:

The strawberry plant gives fruits continuously for 6-7 months. You can get about 700 to 800 grams of strawberries from one plant in one season. Now let’s talk about what is the right method to break it -:

  • You can pluck the fruit when the fruit starts turning completely red.
  • If you send it too far, you can break it even before it turns red.
  • If you pluck the completely red fruit, it will be very good for you, but it ends very quickly after becoming completely red.
  • Do not pluck fruits at once.
  • Fruit sticks should be cut, don’t touch the fruits even by mistake.

Packing of Strawberry Fruit -:

To keep strawberries duly, you should pack them on a plastic plate. There should also be holes in them for the passage of air so that the temperature can be controlled. If you are storing strawberries together, then one day the temperature has to be kept at 5°C and one day at 0°C.

Where can we sell strawberries and for How much?

Every year, every month the price of strawberries is increasing, earlier it used to sell at Rs.200 per kg but now it has gone up to Rs.600. But if you are doing farming then you can easily sell them for Rs.300.

You do not need to find buyers, as soon as the fruits start, buyers will also come to you. If buyers do not come then you can easily sell them in your local market also. It is a widely sold fruit and its health benefits are also immense.

Risk in strawberry cultivation -:

Risk is definitely there in any business, but if I talk about how much risk is there in strawberry farming, then it depends on you how you will do this farming. If you want to do this farming with less risk, then you can take the help of the government. Because the agriculture department will give you many types of insurance etc. Same if you will get a profit from this then you can earn 12 to 15 lakh rupees by investing only 3 to 5 lakh rupees.

still, also you must do strawberry husbandry If you want to make tilling your business. We have given you information about how this farming is done here in this article. If you want any other information related to this farming, then you can comment here. We will answer your questions soon.

FAQs -:

Q: For how much rupees do we get a strawberry plant?

Ans -: 3 to 15 rupees will have to be given per plant.

Q: For how many months does strawberry cultivation last?

Ans -: From 7 to 8 months.

Q: How much land should be there for its cultivation?

Ans –: You can cultivate it on as much land as you want, and you can start your business with only 15 plants.

Q: How much can we earn after farming on one acre?

Ans -: 10 to 12 lakh rupees can be earned easily.

Q: How long does strawberry cultivation last?

Ans -: Lasts for about 7 months from September to April.

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