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How to do Makhana Farming Business?

Still, also you must consider Makhana Farming Business formerly If you have a cultivable ranch/ pond and you want to do some husbandry business. This is similar to a business, which can make you earn lakhs of rupees every month. It has a high demand in the request. That is why you’ll be suitable to fluently vend the ready-made makhanas in the original request and get cash plutocrats.

Still, to start this business, you must first get complete information about Makhana Farming Business, which you’ll get in this composition. On this runner, we will know “ What’s Makhana Farming Business ” and “ How to do Makhana Farming Business.,

Makhana is also a dry fruit. That is why people also eat it as a dry fruit. piecemeal from this, it’s also consumed during fasting. From diabetes to controlling cholesterol, as well as strengthening the bones of humans, it proves to be veritably helpful in reducing weight. You’ll be surprised to know that about 80 percent of the Makhana husbandry business in the country takes place in the state of Bihar because the climate of the state of Bihar is stylish for its civilization.

How to do Makhana Farming Business

piecemeal from this, it’s also cultivated on a large scale in the countries of Odisha, Meghalaya, and Assam. It can be cultivated in two ways. originally, you should do this business by making slush on your own ranch, and secondly, you should start a makhana husbandry business in the pond.

Method of doing Makhana Farming (Makhana Farming Production and Cultivation) -:

We know that you were ignorant of this business till now. That is why you want to get a companion that tells you how to start this business, so let’s get complete information about this business and know how to start Makhana Farming Business.

Climate for Makhana Farming -:

To start Makhana Farming Business, you must first check the terrain and whether the place where you live is suitable for its civilization or not. Black complexion soil is needed to do makhana husbandry business. Because its shops grow well under water. That is why you’ll need a pond in this husbandry business so that you can store water in it for a long time. Makhana shops develop fleetly at normal temperatures.

Pond preparation for Makhana farming (Makhana Farming Preparation) -:

To start Makhana Farming Business you have to construct a pond. Under construction, you’ll have to first dig the soil in the pond, after that you’ll have to fill the water in large volumes. Now after this, you have to make slush by mixing water and soil in the pond well. Because in this slush you have to plant the seed of Makhana. After this, about 6 to 9 elevation of water is filled in the pond. We want to tell them that you have to make the pond about 2 months before starting the Makhana Farming Business.

Makhana Farming Time -:

Before keeping the seeds of Makhana in the nethermost face of the pond, you have to duly remove all the weeds present in the pond and clean the pond duly, because by doing this the factory will get complaints. The peril is greatly reduced. After this, you have to plant Makhana seeds in the nethermost face of the pond at a depth of 3 to 4cm.

However, also for this, you’ll need about 80 kg of makhana seeds, If you’re doing makhana husbandry business in about 1-hectare field. Although the seeds of Makhana are ready in the month of November or December itself, the stylish time to cultivate it in the pond is in January, February, or March.

Employees in Makhana Farming Business (Makhana Farming Business Staff) -:

It depends on you how many employees you will need in this business. If you are doing Makhana Farming Business on a small scale, then you can handle this whole business alone, but if you are doing this business on a large scale for commercial purposes, then you will have to hire employees per hectare. will be required. Explain that one employee per 3 hectares is suitable for this business. In this way, you can decide the number of employees according to the number of hectares of land in which you are cultivating it.

Equipment in Makhana Farming Business -:

To start this business, you must have a diesel pump set as you will need it to fill water in the lock. If you want, you can also use an electric water motor instead. Apart from this, you should have a plastic water pipe to pour water into the pond, as well as you should have the necessary equipment to remove weeds. Apart from this, you should have a large net, by which you can cover the pond.

Registration and License in Makhana Farming Business -:

Registration and License in Makhana Farming Business (Makhana Farming Business License and Registration)

If a person starts this business on a small scale, then there is no need to take any kind of registration or license, but if the person is starting this business on a large scale, then he has commercial There should be an electrical connection as it will be required for filling water in the pond with the help of a motor. However, if you have a diesel engine set, then you do not even need it. Apart from this, you must have the license of FSSAI as it comes under the category of business food. You can get other registration and license information from your local municipality.

Investment in Makhana Farming Business -:

Cultivating it on a small scale may require less investment and cultivating it on a large scale may require more investment. However, according to the style, if you start this business on your own farm or your own pond, then initially you may have to invest about 8 to ₹ 12 thousand.

If he starts this business on another’s farm or pond, then this investment can go up to 15,000 to 18,000 including other expenses. Similarly, the bigger the level you start this business, the more the investment will be. You will know the real truth of investment in this only after starting this business.

Makhana Farming Business Profit -:

Out of 3 kg of seeds, you can get only 1 kg of slag, and makhana is prepared using this obtained slag. In this way, about 40 kg of Makhana is obtained from 1 quintal of Makhana, the price of which varies in the market. In some states, its price is higher, while in some states its price is slightly less.

Although personally when we checked the price of Makhana, we found that it is really beneficial to cultivate it. Now how much money you can earn through this business depends on how extensively you have cultivated it and how much ready makhana you have got to sell.

Marketing of Makhana Farming Business -:

People who start this type of business in rural areas do not need to worry much about marketing this business, because people in rural areas automatically know this type of business. However, despite this, if people starting Makhana Farming Businesses in rural or urban areas want to market it, then they can follow online and offline methods. Under the online method, he can put the status of his farming business on WhatsApp or he can also click on the photo of his pond so that people know about his business.

Apart from this, under the offline method, a person can print the visiting card of his farming business and give it to the people, as well as get the banner of his farming business installed in the busy area. Apart from this, by getting a pamphlet printed on his Makhana Farming Business, he can get it distributed among the people.

Packaging of Makhana (Fox Nuts) Packaging -:

If you want to sell this item by branding it yourself, then you should pay special attention to its packing. You should keep the packing attractive and also note that air cannot enter the packing in any way so that the makhana does not get spoiled. Apart from this, properly print the nutritional value of Makhana, the price of Makhana, its weight, and all other information on the packing, so that your brand can gain credibility in the market.

FAQs -:

Q: How to start a Makhana business?

Ans -: We have given detailed information about Makhana Business Idea Plan in the article.

Q: When to do Makhana cultivation?

Ans -: January-February or March is considered the right time to cultivate Makhana.

Q: Where is Makhana cultivated?

Ans -: Bihar, Mithilanchal, Assam, Orissa, but in the state of Bihar Makhana is cultivated on a large scale.

Q: How is Makhana produced?

Ans -: Makhana is produced in a muddy pond or in a muddy field.

Q: How much does it cost to start a Makhana Farming business?

Ans -: 15 to 20 thousand rupees

Q: How much profit is made from the Makhana farming business?

Ans -: Up to about Rs 1 lakh

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