Best Small Business Ideas 2023 – Earning 3 Lakh Months, Anyone Can Do It From 6X8 RMS Shop

Best Small Business Ideas 2023 | Refurbished Smartphone store | Refurbished Smartphone store buisness | smartphone buisness | make money online

Best Small Business Ideas 2023 -:

Small Business Ideas – Earning 3 Lakh Months, Anyone Can Do It From 6X8 RMS Shop

If you want to do a trending business with low investment high profit, then you must do research on this new business idea in your local market. If you have done the market survey in the right direction and you have found the potential, then in any small town in India, you can easily earn Rs.

If the shop is small then it will work -:

There is a company in India which started with zero investment and today its market value is 3000 crores. This company has created a new market all over India. All you have to know is whether someone is doing this business in your market or not. If doing, then who is doing it and where. Because both who and where are the most important questions in this. If the shop is small then it will work but it is necessary to be at prime location.

Most of the people change the smartphone because it is old -:

Refurbished Smartphone store has to be started. There is a huge market for smartphones in India. There is a lot of craze in some people towards smartphones. Most of the people change the smartphone not because of damage but because it is old. On the other hand there are some people who do not have much money but they also want to buy a good phone. People prefer to buy refurbished smartphones as compared to second hand or used smartphones. The biggest reason for this is that the refurbished smartphone is like a brand new one.

Important points of Refurbished Smartphone store -:

  • Smartphone makers also make refurbished smartphones but do not sell at their stores. In this, warranty is also given by the company. You can buy from direct brand and sell in your market.
  • There are some companies in India that work to make refurbished smartphones. These companies also give warranty. When you search, then the name of that company will also be known about which you had mentioned first. You can buy and sell from such companies.
  • The maximum profit is in buying old and refurbishing them. You just need one engineer who will work in the workshop. Will update the software of the old phone and change its accessories to make it brand new. You can offer 6 months warranty by your side.

This is a huge market. A phone worth ₹ 50000 is available for ₹ 25000. Looks brand new, software is updated so feel like new phone and warranty is also there. The best thing about this business is that once you win someone’s trust, his entire family and relatives come to you. They give their old phone to you and take a new one in return. This cycle continues.

The second best thing is that any new model of mobile phone gets refurbished in the market within 2 months of its launch. Very good profit is being made in this.

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